Osgoode Hall Law School Professor Richard Haigh and his student co-host Felicity Radan get together to discuss the in‘s and out‘s of Canadian law school life while attempting to be funny. Sit down, shut up, and don‘t forget to do your readings.

April 18, 2022

94. Placement of a Lifetime

Richard is joined by Zafir Jetha-Rattani, an Osgoode student who appeared on an earlier episode (#93). This episode was recorded last year. In it, we mainly talk about Zaf's incredible involvement in the Ukrainian air disaster case of January 2020. It's an example of the interesting things that law students can fall into. When we recorded it, there was no inkling of the further tragedies that would befall Ukraine.


I struggled as to whether we should post this episode at this time, but I decided to do so as long as it was accompanied by a warning. You may wish to avoid listening if you find the current situation in Ukraine too disturbing.



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